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How to Increase the Quality of your Decision-Making in Motherhood.

Have you had self-doubt since becoming a mother?   Do you often re-evaluate your decisions because you felt like they were not good enough?   Since giving birth, I realised that I experience more self-doubt than I normally would. I found myself thinking whether I am doing the right things, and making the right decisions …

A personal reflection by a first-time mum.
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5 Valuable Lessons I Learned from Sleep School

I cringe every time my baby cries. The sound of my little girl crying and the sight of her teary eyes give me heartache.

So why am I writing an article promoting sleep school?

To begin, I wish someone else has told me how sleep school was more than a sleep training institution. Also, I want to share my experience as well as the life lessons I learned at the Queen Elizabeth Centre.
Without further ado, here are they are:


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The Ultimate Guide to Dealing with Adversity in Motherhood

To the mother who felt like a failure because your baby can’t sleep through the night like what your midwife says. To the mother who felt like a failure because you had a heated argument with your husband about how you should care for your baby. To the mother who felt like a bad mum …

The Perfectionist’s Guide to Surviving Motherhood

Motherhood is tough. It is even tougher if you are a perfectionist. I never thought I was suffering from perfectionism because I don’t think I am perfect, nor is anything in my life. However, one important thing I found out about perfectionism is: ‘isn’t all about thing being perfect…it is the thinking that things need …