Quick Question

Hey there. I’ve been thinking about the future of The La Land, and the tea leaves are telling me it’s time to make some adjustments. Before making any moves though, I wanted to ask you a simple question:

What’s your biggest frustration with being a new mother?

If you’ll take a moment to think about it and write me an answer, I promise to read and consider it. Here’s why:

I want this blog to help you. I want it to change your life. I want you to count down the days until we publish our next post.

And that means focusing on YOUR needs. So, please, take a moment and let me know what’s bothering you. It’ll be a huge help to me.

Do it now either as a comment below or as an email.



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I never see the point of team-based assignments at university. The truth is I fear that my teammates cannot match my expectations. Thus, I often fall into the trap of doing almost everything myself. Little did I know that there is a valid reason why this kind of assignments exists.  Effort + Consistency = Desired …

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