Here’s The Equation That Will Help You Rock Life

I never see the point of team-based assignments at university. The truth is I fear that my teammates cannot match my expectations. Thus, I often fall into the trap of doing almost everything myself. Little did I know that there is a valid reason why this kind of assignments exists.

 Effort + Consistency = Desired Outcome

I guess I am a result-oriented person. Having targets in life motivates you to input effort in a consistent manner. Hence you can achieve your desired outcomes quicker. With such focus in mind, I sometimes forget the human factor in what I like to call, ‘the equation of life.’

Human Factor(Effort + Consistency) = Desired Outcome(100)

This mentality framework permeates in both my work and personal life.

At work, I am too efficient to a point where I remove the human interactions from my day-to-day activities. I work out if I will be able to maintain the flow of my job smoother if I put my head inside the rabbit hole of my desk. In doing so, I miss the jokes, group conversations and rapport building with my workmates.

I operate similarly at home. I am focused on getting my chores done and crossing off items on my ever-growing to-do list.

After welcoming our baby into our lives, my husband and I didn’t have much quality time to romance with each other. Our house works rocket, and I am always cleaning, tidying, washing and much more.

Since there’s a mountain of chores, I often find myself pushing my husband away when he comes and gives me cuddles.

‘I ain’t got time for that.’

‘Honey, I’m in a rush.’

‘Honey, I only have about 5 minutes to get these things before Lala wakes up.’

I lost count of my reasonings.

If you haven’t worked out, I’d like to keep my to-do list so I can get things done. It is my tool of life, I guess.

When the amount of work shoots up the roof, I start to feel like the tool is chaining me as I keep trying to touch it. My heart pounds against my chest as my hands shake whenever I take my to-do list out. ‘All much to do with such little time!’, I’d whisper into the thin as if I lost my soul.

– Human Interactions(Effort – Consistency) = DownwardSpiral

I soon, discovery the outcome of taking away the human components away from my equation of life. As I opt for a full 12-month maternity leave, I am always at home minding my baby. After spending too much time with your child, you will start to crave for adult conversations. You need a variety of relationships to maintain your sanity.

Human beings = Connections + Relationships

Human needs connections. It is in our innate nature to want to be part of a bigger group and to have emotional associations with other beings. We cannot deny this inner craving. Connections and relationships are like our food of life for survival and growth.

Sharpening your skills makes you feel good. But having a stable and reliable relationship makes you feel even better. As a bonus, you will develop resiliency in life. Having a reliable support network is one of the 10 signs that you are resilient (read more about it here).

They say, death and taxes are the two certain things in life. I’d like to add one more which is human interactions. Unlike death and taxes, human interaction produces positive outcomes for us. So let’s embrace it with open arms.

In hindsights, I discover that there is more to teamwork assignments than getting HDs. Human beings are complex, so we need to learn how to interact with each other. The art of connecting and interacting with people requires ongoing practices.

Cherish your human connections – your relationships with friends and family.

Barbara Bush

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