5 Unique Perspectives That Will Help You Rock Motherhood

Heart beats fast, eyes scanning quickly as I stepped into the function area. The donuts are not in sight, but I can smell them. As I made my way to where the crowd is, I met a lovely lady with a greenish hair colour.
“What’s your Instagram’s?”, She asked me and her mouth stretch into an upward boat shape. Instantly, my heart slows down, and my eyes stopped looking around.
It is amazing how such an insignificant conversation starter like this can brighten up my day. It is for this reason why I decided to venture into this event alone (#Hoodmama) with my nerves on my sleeves. Being late and unprepared does not help me at all.
I had a rough idea what the event was about, but I didn’t do my research into who is coming and who’s who. I didn’t even know the names of the three panelists until the panel time.
I may be clueless about who those ladies are but I am sure that they are successful in their respective fields. For your information, here are their details:
1. Ina Odak of Sneaker and Soul
2. Rachelle of the Mummy Code
3. Kathryn of Blossom and Glow


So, here are the five takeaways that I pocketed home:

#1 What Matter 
Motherhood forces you to ‘reassess what is important in life?’. Kathryn had to ask herself this question because of her son’s health condition. I love the way that one of the three refers to this as being an ‘amazing blessing.’ I couldn’t agree more with this choice of word. Since becoming a mum, I learned to divide my resources to what is important in my life. For example, I always said that I value my family, but I don’t think I actually spend quality time with them.
#2 Catalyst for Change
Ina established a solid stand in the corporate world but always had an aspiration to have her own business. By having her baby, it was like ‘a ticket out’ of the life she didn’t enjoy to pursue her dream. I always to want to express myself in a way or another so I could help other people in bettering themselves. Becoming a mother helped me to start my blog (click here to read more about my story)
#3 Flexibility + Negotiation 
Nothing is in our control. We better roll with the pouches and take life as it comes. At the end, everything is more about our children. We can’t tell a child not to get sick, so trying to control such factor is out of our hands. I can relate to this. I have one big baby who still can’t get enough of video game and one small baby who I suspect might be a monkey in her previous life. Negotiation is my strongest point, so I am working on this. My husband spoiled me before having my baby, so I always get my ways. Nowadays, life is different because now there is three of ‘us’, negotiation is a much better alternative to walking away angry.
#4 Ignore the Negativity
I have always been able to receive criticism skillfully at work. But motherhood is my soft spot so I couldn’t take some advice from the people around me. I want to be a good mother for my daughter, so I always feel vulnerable whenever I receive negative feedback. (I wrote an article on how to deal with unsolicited advice so click here to read about it). Hence, I found this takeaway’s helpful. But, Rachelle mentioned this in light of a negative comment that she received online. I received a troll comment on a motherhood forum once, which is still fresh in my mind. I guess, by ignoring those comments you are making them less visible on your radar.
#5 Grow It Ya 
Kathryn made an incredible point about how motherhood is like any living things. You need to nurture it and grow it with care and hold its hands. You can nail this by managing your expectations and surround yourself with the right people. Most importantly, there is nothing to prove so relax!’


I enjoyed the event so much, and I got to listen to unique points of view. The perspectives that I detailed above help me to reset my mindset and jumpstart my fatigue and somewhat lost mind.

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