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Sok Lay
Sok Lay
Hello & welcome!

It’s Sok here.

I’m glad you are here as I’ve lot of things to share with you about new motherhood.

Since becoming a mum about 9 months ago, I realised how tough it is to be in the coolest hood in town! It wasn’t easy for me at the beginning and I still muddling my way through, which I’m sure you can totally relate!

But, it is for this reason that makes motherhood journey amazing because I have learnt how to make magic happen (and I don’t even have to go to Hogwarts to learn it!).

Although most of the time, it turns out to be a fail whenever I tried to perform the so-called magic. It’s not fun going through failures, but it is in those moments that I discovered more about myself and evolve into a better person.

Hence, I thought it’d be great to share with you my motherhood stories which as you guessed it, mostly consist of failures, mistakes and struggles (click here to read more About this blog).

I know that when you are struggling, the last thing you want to read about is some mummy who thinks they know it all. I also know how lonely it can be to a new mum and feeling like no one cares about (although this is so not true!!) as everyone is so obsessed about your baby. So I hope through my story, you will know that at least someone out there genuinely cares about you! 

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