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Hello & welcome!

It’s Sok here.

Thanks for stopping by. The fact that you are here tells me that you care a lot about being a good mother. It is not easy being someone else’s mother, let alone being a good one!

I started blogging because I want to explore ways I could become better at mothering my child while balancing my role as a wife and many other hats that I juggle. Initially, I thought I would start writing away my thoughts and ideas. However, I begin to lose the vision that I had for my blog.

My hope for my blog was to support new mothers like myself to not only survive but thrive in motherhood. I want my blog posts to make a difference in your life.

Therefore, I have decided to take a break from writing my posts to study what new mothers want and need.

If you don’t mind helping me with this, I’d much appreciated if you could tell me what is most bothering you about being a new mother. Please send this to my email sok(at)thelaland(dot)com.


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